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Mission & Vision

Jacob's Light

Jacob loved everyone and made them feel loved. The Tim McGraw song "Humble and Kind" could have been written with Jacob as the inspiration. We want to share as much as we can about this little boy that taught us so much, with the hopes that somehow, even people that never met him can learn from him too.

Jacob Roger Poulin's short life of five years, five months, and four days touched the lives of all who've ever heard about him. He lived with passion in everything he did, and showed love and compassion to everyone he met. Our mission is to keep the beautiful light that surrounded Jacob shining to light the path for everyone. 

We have a couple of goals; first, we're going to build a park that Jacob would be proud of. Second, we want every child to feel like they have a team they belong to, where they are accepted and wanted; that team, is Team J4cob. Thirdly, we're still discussing the future plans of the JPRF but envision a program that offers some level of love and support to the siblings in families that have lost a beloved child.

It all starts with you. We need your help to keep Jacob's light shining. Please consider partnering with us today, for tomorrow.

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