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J4cob's Park Plans

We want J4cob's park to be a place that would have been Jacob's favorite place to go; a place where he could do all of the things he loved to do; a place he could have enjoyed at any stage of his short, beautiful life. J4cob's park will be a place where everyone can play together, Because Everyone Should Get to Play; that's what Jacob showed was in his heart by how he treated and cheered for everyone, no matter who they were.

We are combining these two interests of Jacob's into one place we think he would have loved; a place we hope everyone can love; J4cob's park. We are still working on the final design, but we want to share some of what we've done so far.


Thank you for your interest, support, and love.

J4cob's Arena

Rink25 Aerial.jpg

Jacob's favorite pastime, sport, hobby, and overall thing to do, was play hockey. He did it every where, as often as possible. There were hockey nets set up all over his house; the basement, the living room, the hallways, the driveway, the backyard, etc. If there wasn't a net available, he would stick handle and practice tricks with the puck. Aside from his family and friends, hockey was Jacob's first love. Even in the hospital, it was one of the first things that motivated Jacob to sit in a chair next to the bed, which was an enormous endeavor for our little champion. On another seldom-occurring energetic day, he took on his dad in an air hockey game and won "the championship." It was a proud and rare happy moment for Jacob and his mom and dad.


J4cob's Arena is an outdoor dek hockey rink located within

Robert Tedford Memorial Park


45 Sadds Mill Road, Ellington, CT, 06029.

Below are some of the pictures of J4COB'S ARENA as it's being built! If you are looking for ways to help, please click here to see our Sponsor Options for J4cob's Arena!

J4cob's Playground

Jacob also really enjoyed watching American Ninja Warrior, obstacle courses, and emulating the ninjas on the courses they fearlessly embraced. He cheered for everyone. He sincerely thought everyone was going to hit a buzzer. And when some ultimately failed, he was sorely disappointed for them. Jacob didn't have a favorite ninja, because he wanted the best for every person. He had the heart of a true ninja.


Our goal for Phase 2 of J4cob's park is to have an American Ninja Warrior inspired playground. The pictures below are some of the ideas that we are moving toward including in J4cob's playground. 

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